An Indian woman has accused a notorious occultist of "repeatedly raping her in her dreams" in Aurangabad district, Bihar, India, seeking the aid of local authorities in the surreal case.

The alleged victim, a resident of Gandhi Maidan locality under Kudwa Police Station, reportedly approached an occultist named Prashant Chaturvedi in January earlier this year to find a cure for her sick son.

Chaturvedi proceeded to teach her a mantra and instructed her to organize a ritual for her son’s speedy and effective recovery. Unfortunately, the woman's son died of his unspecified illness 15 days later, the Times of India reported.

The Station House Officer (SHO) of Kudwa, Anjani Kumar, said that after the young boy's untimely death, the woman revised the Kali Bari Temple where Chaturvedi resides and asked him to provide an explanation for her son's sudden passing despite following all his instructions.

She confronted the occultist, also claiming that Chaturvedi attempted to rape her during a dream, and she was spared of the ordeal only after being rescued by her deceased son.

“The woman at that time had not complained to the police. She [later] further alleged that Chaturvedi [had been] coming to her dreams since then and repeatedly [raped] her," Kumar said.

The police were compelled to summon Chaturvedi and inquire about the incident after receiving a written complaint from the supposed victim. Chaturvedi, however, denied the accusations raised by the woman and was released after filing a bond as there was no proof against him, Zee News reported.

The occultist reportedly said that the woman appeared to be depressed after the death of her son and that he doesn't know what happened to her after he met her during only one occasion at the temple.

"I called the occultist to show the woman that action was being taken against him as she was adamant on her demand. Moreover, I had to verify the fact as well. We asked the man to fill personal bond just to convince the woman. Under what section should we institute a case against the man when the incident never happened?" Kumar asked.

Aurangabad Deputy Superintendent of Police Lalit Narayan Pandey said that the woman appears to be mentally unstable.

"The police officers are in touch with her relatives and have asked them to get admitted for proper treatment," he said.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a man was arrested in Uttar Pradesh, India for handing over his wife to an occultist who proceeded to allegedly rape her.

According to the victim, the occultist Ismail visited their house and performed prayers on the pretext of blessing the couple with a child. During the ceremony, the husband reportedly left the victim and the occultist alone in the room and locked it from outside.

Ismail then proceeded to rape the woman and record a video of the act. Even though the victim screamed for help, her husband did not open the door, CNN-News18 reported.

An investigation into the incident revealed that the woman’s husband had reportedly given permission to Ismail to rape his wife so that he can impregnate her and the couple could have a child.

Authorities have reportedly apprehended Ismail and the woman's husband. They were presented in the district court after the arrest. The court has sent them both to jail pending a sentencing trial.

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An Indian woman has accused an occultist of "repeatedly raping her in her dreams" in Aurangabad district, Bihar, India, seeking the assistance of local authorities in the surreal case. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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