A mother and son duo have gone into hiding following the murder of a high court registrar. The family of the accused reportedly owed Paul Eghodibie Ezenwosi some money. When he tried to get the money back, Stella Osafile and her son attacked him. The woman’s husband, Augustine Osafile, reportedly has been arrested. Investigation into Paul’s death is ongoing as is the search for the absconding duo.

The fatal incident reportedly took place in Owa-Oyibu, the Headquarter of Ika North East Local Government Area, Nigeria on Thursday, May 29. Paul, a legal practitioner, was owed 2,500 Naira ($6) by Augustine. He had been trying to get the money back since 2020. On one of his attempts at getting back the money, he was attacked and killed

According to Paul’s wife, Uwaoma Ezenwosi, her husband died after being hit on the head with a plank. Naija News reported that Augustine has bought a chicken from Paul before Easter in 2020. He was supposed to pay 5,000 Naira ($12) for the bird. The victim’s wife claims that the buyer had only paid half the amount and promised to later pay the rest.

Since Easter last year, Augustine refused to pay back the amount he owed. Paul reportedly went to the family’s home to ask for the money multiple times. On the day of the incident, he was met with Stella and the couple’s teen son. Uwaoma alleges that the duo on previous occasions had abused and threatened her husband. The same interaction was repeated again. They refused to allow Paul to talk to Augustine.

When Paul finally left, he met with a friend and was discussing the issue with him. Suddenly, Stella and her son attacked Paul with a plank, Emmanuel’s Blog reported. When they realized that the high court registrar has been seriously injured, they took him to a hospital. At Owa-Alero Hospital, the duo told the doctors that Paul had met with an accident. They left the dying man at the hospital and absconded.

A few hours after being taken to the hospital, Paul succumbed to his injury. His wife hopes that the attackers will be arrested and brought to justice. Following the incident, police arrested Augustine while his wife and son remain on the lam.

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