On Sunday, April 11 the over 14-minute-long video of a man getting beaten by a woman in his office became viral in China. The video showed an emotional young woman repeatedly attacking a man sitting behind his desk. It was later revealed that the woman had been infuriated by indecent messages sent by the government official boss.

The viral video, showed the woman, identified by her surname Zhou, verbally and physically attacking the man, identified by his surname Wang. The incident took place in Heilongjiang Province of China, the South China Morning Post reported. The man being attacked was the deputy director of the poverty alleviation department of Beilin district in the province.

At the beginning of the video, the woman can be seen handing her phone to another person who is holding a mop. The person holding the mop, believed to be a colleague, was also the one recording the entire incident. Zhou is recorded walking down a corridor before entering the man’s office room.

First, the woman can be heard accusing the man of sexual harassment. She says that he had been sending her and other female employees of the government department inappropriate messages. She storms out of the room to get the mop from the person recording the incident. With the mop, she hits the man on the back and also knocks things off of his desk.

She again storms out to take her phone and is seen calling someone. The man can be heard trying to demurely downplay his actions as a “joke”. Zhou can be seen walking in and out of the room screaming at the man throughout the video. The man can be seen putting his head between his hands in order to cover his face from being captured on video. At one point Zhou is seen taking a chair, sitting down in it and blocking the door. In the video, the emotional woman can also be heard crying. She also was recorded tossing things kept on the man’s desk at him.

Following the incident, the government official was fired after an internal investigation against him, She The People reported. Suihua Police are also investigating the incident as Zhou filed a sexual harassment complaint with the police. The woman did not have to face any consequence for her actions.

Sexual Harassment
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