A woman from the United Kingdom stumbled upon a weird-looking object from a local thrift shop. She was not able to resist her amusement towards the item and purchased it for less than $2.

Hayley Baldwin, 55, had a hearty laugh when she spotted the novelty item. It was a mug that featured a handle with resemblance to the human penis. According to Daily Star, the elderly mother was able to discover it while in a charity shop in Trowbridge called Blue Cross. She was said to be looking for some tableware to buy together with her daughter.

The British mother who was also a pharmacy worker admitted that she was a collector. "I collect a certain type of post-war tableware so I always like to check the charity shops,” she described her hobby.

One weekend, Baldwin went on a “treasure hunt," looking forward to taking home an additional piece for her collection. But instead, she saw a mug with a handle that resembled the male genital. After a few hearty laughs with her daughter, she was then convinced by her to purchase it.

"I pointed it out to my daughter, who is 13, and we had a giggle and she said 'buy it, buy it, buy it...so I did,” Baldwin said.

The woman confessed on how hard it is to drink out of the mug because the handle is hollow. “When it’s full of tea it’s too hot to pick up,” she said and admitted that there is no way it is meant for function.

An actual photograph of the novelty mug was also shared by Baldwin in one of her Facebook groups, where other people found it amusing as she did. She captioned the image with the name of the place where she had found it and followed it up with a caption that reads: “And yes, of course, it came home with me.”

Meanwhile, Blue Cross is a registered animal welfare charity in the United Kingdom that was established in 1897. They provide support for pet owners who cannot afford private veterinary treatment, help find homes for unwanted animals, and educate the public on the responsibilities of animal ownership.

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