Some wives can get very suspicious at times that it gets to a point where they follow their husbands. In the case of this woman from Aurangabad, she was dead on and the video of the incident has gone viral.

According to reports, the suspicious wife caught her husband red-handed with another woman at a hotel. She could be seen running towards the car and immediately went after the other woman. She wasted no time getting her hands on the other woman with his husband helpless.

She was screaming “who is this” as she assaulted the woman with the man trying his best to save his girlfriend.

The video went viral online and had the caption [translated]: “Aurangabad - Everyone has to eat the biryani of the spring. Do not eat rice at home. Why so”

The ruckus caught the attention of nearby bystanders to see what the commotion was all about. When the video went viral, there were different comments made by those who saw it, some even suggesting that the wife should have first questioned the woman before attacking her.

One comment [translated] read: “He beat her, which doesn't seem like it, but she will not diversify her husband even then and he will also take away his sins.”

With adultery not being considered a crime since 2018 by the Supreme Court, it will be interesting how these cases will be decided.

A five-judge bench of the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the criminal offense of having a sexual relationship with a woman without her husband’s consent was archaic and deprived women of agency.

The identities of all tied up to the issue were not divulged. Some sympathized with the wife while others had a broader and mature take on the matter. It was not confirmed as well if the husband and the woman who got a beating had an official affair.

Representation Image. He found out he'd been a victim of a scheme by Li and Nana that defraud men of their dowry. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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