An Egyptian woman has been accused of killing her abusive husband before proceeding to dismember his body with the help of her son-in-law and dumping the remains in a ditch in the town of Qalyub, north of Cairo, Egypt.

The suspect, a 45-year-old woman, whose identity has been withheld by authorities, reportedly admitted to murdering and brutally dismembering her abusive partner using a knife, claiming that the victim used to ill-treat and frequently hit her. The victim was assisted by her son-in-law who helped chop the husband's body into three pieces and then disposed of the mangled remains in a ditch in Qalyub, Gulf News reported.

An investigation into the incident reportedly began after the law enforcement retrieved the man's dismembered body parts from a ditch. The police investigation revealed that the wife had perpetrated the crime with the assistance of her son-in-law, following which both suspects have been taken into custody.

According to the inquiry, the woman who was frequently subjected to her husband's abuses drugged the man and laced his food with sleeping pills to incapacitate him. After the victim fell asleep, she proceeded to mutilate him into three pieces with the help of her 25-year-old son-in-law, crammed the body parts into bags, and tossed them into a ditch in the town of Qalyub.

The suspects were remanded for four days pending further interrogations.

In a similar but unrelated incident, an Indian woman and her parents have been arrested on June 25, for allegedly conspiring in the killing and beheading of the former’s abusive husband in the Sorada Police Station area of Ganjam district, Odisha, India.

The suspects have been identified as Jhili Naik, 30, her father Kabiraj Naik, 59, and mother Kisori Naik, 58, according to Latin Times.

The slain husband reportedly used to violently accuse Jhilli of infidelity and constantly questioned her character, leaving the wife abused and tortured both physically and mentally.

As her husband's recurring abuse grew intolerable, Jhili fled to Puspanagar village with her children and stayed there in a rented house from June 8, about 10 days before the murder.

On June 18 evening, the day of the murder, Bhagaban allegedly assaulted Jhili and choked her, intending to kill her, but the wife survived. After the brutal ordeal, Jhili, along with her parents and children, left Puspanagar village for Suramani. However, on their way to their destination, at around 10 p.m., Bhagaban reportedly approached the group holding a sharp weapon and threatened to kill them.

Fearing danger to the life of her father and children, Jhili reportedly grabbed a kitchen knife and quickly stabbed Bhagaban in his torso. Her father Kabiraj managed to disarm Bhagaban in the tussle. He went on to slice the assailant's head off with the knife Bhagaban himself had brought to threaten them.

Following this, Kabiraj and his wife Kisori allegedly buried the decapitated dead body and the chopped-off head on either side of the river in different areas. The police are investigating the incident to identify if any other persons were involved in the murder.

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