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Lainie Chait, a client care consultant working at the Newcastle-based Church of Ubuntu, has claimed to have been sacked in October for getting the COVID-19 jab. Her boss said that it was "against God's wishes."

Chait from Byron Bay is taking legal action against the Church of Ubuntu based in Australia, a spiritual home and wellness clinic promoting and selling alternative health remedies products.

Chait was shocked to know that she was being fired for deciding to be vaccinated. She was dismissed when it became known she got the jab. "For the past 25 years I've been going 'I don't want, I don't need the Western approach, but in this particular scenario I did," she said.

She expressed her dismay as she described the people in the wellness industry to be hypocritical, "Because really, you're in the industry to help people, not judge them. A lot of the customers that come to them are vaccinated, so why are you still serving customers that are vaccinated and not employing people that are vaccinated?"

ABC has seen the termination letter received by Chait. It included the reason for her dismissal and described Chait as a highly valued subcontractor with the Ubuntu Wellness Clinic Newcastle. She was recognized as a full member of the Church of Ubuntu.

The church expressed their disagreement with the government's "enforced medical apartheid" and "a highly disproportionate response to the Sars Cov 2 virus". They laid out the point that getting COVID-19 vaccine is contrary to their position and constitution.

A spokeperson for the church told, "We do not support the NSW state government's medical apartheid and we view it as unconstitutional and undemocratic and it is contrary to our Church Constitution… and a significant threat to this country maintaining its position as a representative democracy." The Church reportedly said that Chai was offered an alternative work with an affiliate, but she declined.

Mark Swivel, from Barefoot Law, said that the decision went against the vaccine mandates. He said that legal matters might come down to whether his client was hired as an employee or a contractor.

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