A man learned out the hard way that he needs to be careful when breaking up with his girlfriend. A certain man from South Africa ended up getting stabbed aside from being poured boiling water over him and then left locked in his apartment.

The whole thing was narrated by the man whose identity has not been officially revealed. On Twitter, he goes by the handle of @Covid_19_Global or Yandisa. He asked his followers for some advice on his situation as he revealed what he had gone through.

“My girlfriend did this to me this morning…I this not man abuse?? Stabbed me and poured hot water on me…. what must I do?” his post on Twitter read.

In another post, the man narrated the whole ordeal. He explained how his girlfriend found a way to get into the apartment even with strict security protocols. The man said he was at the gym at the time. He goes on to explain that he does not usually lock his place since the gym is also in the same building. But the key thing to note here is that security failed to inform him before allowing the woman in.

Further, he alleged that the girl had heated water in a kettle before he returned. When they came face-to-face, the girl re-heated the kettle with him thinking that his girlfriend wanted to make coffee or tea.

The day before that, both were already arguing the day before. The issue continued on that day and the man ended up wanting to break up with the woman. This did not sit well with the woman who said “you think I’m a fool.”

The girlfriend took the kettle and then poured it over him. He claims pushing the woman away, begging her to stop. The woman instead grabbed a knife and stabbed him. He adds that his girlfriend also cut her finger. He was unsure if the blood he saw was also his.

Yandisa would run to the bathroom to pour water over his burns and wounds afterward.  While there, the girl took his keys and locked him inside with the man believing his girlfriend wanted him to bleed to death. He managed to call the building manager and explained what he went through. Security opened the door of his apartment and then changed the locks.

South African man shows off injuries after he was poured with boiling water and then stabbed by his girlfriend. South African man shows off injuries after he was poured with boiling water and then stabbed by his girlfriend. screen capture from @Covid_19_Global Twitter account