A woman in her 60s was alone on Easter Sunday, April 4 when an unidentified man forced his way into the home in Kent, United Kingdom. What followed was a harrowing, violent burglary during which the elderly woman was physically assaulted by the assailant. After the burglary the woman was left tied in her home for two days. Police are investigating the incident and are looking for tips that could help identify the suspect.

The unnamed victim was approached by a man claiming to a cyclist while she was in her garden around 6:00 p.m. The man came up to the fence of the home on Staplehurst Road, Frittenden. He asked the woman if she could give him a glass of water. The kind woman agreed to give the man some water.

However, after the woman gave the man a bottle of water he leaped over the fence and forced his way into the house, Emmanuel’s Blog reported. Upon entering the home, the man promptly tied the victim up so that she could not escape or alert anyone. For hours he tormented the woman and ransacked her home.

Kent Live reported how the woman was assaulted. The man repeatedly punched her. He cut her using a knife. He also poured a bottle of alcohol over her. He then left the home with only £100 ($137). As he fled, he left the woman restrained in such a way that she could not free herself. She was also gagged so she could not shout to get the attention of anyone nearby.

The victim’s family became worried about her when they failed to get in touch with her for 48-hours. They alerted the police. Police officers arrived at the scene to find the injured, dehydrated and starving elderly woman restrained as the burglar had left her. She was taken to a hospital where she was treated for dehydration and her injuries. The ordeal had left her traumatized.

Investigator Neil Kimber said that officers are supporting the woman while they are also trying to identify the suspect. The suspect is believed to be a white male in his 20s or 30s. Fergus Wilson, the Maidstone property tycoon, has offered a £10,000 ($13,719) reward for anyone with information that could lead to an arrest.

The investigation continues.

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