A woman reportedly stabbed her husband to death after the victim brutally thrashed their son over a broken television in Ahmedabad, India on Monday, June 13.

Vijay Yadav, 45, a driver by profession, reportedly held his 11-year-old son Manjit responsible for their TV not picking up certain channels and proceeded to brutally beat up the boy and twisted his arm. However, when Yadav's wife Deepmala, 40, tried to intervene and stop the assault, he pushed her away. Scared that her husband would break Manjit’s hand, the wife allegedly took a knife and stabbed Yadav in the chest subsequently resulting in his death, the Times Of India reported.

Yadav was reportedly under a 15-day suspension from his job at the time of his outburst. Following his suspension, he frequently picked fights with his family members over trivial and petty issues.

On Monday, June 13, at around 7 p.m., Yadav came back home to his house located in Jayaditi Park Society and told his family that he was skipping dinner as he planned to watch TV all night. As his family members went to their respective rooms, Yadav began watching television on the ground floor of the house. However, after hours of watching in front of the screen, Yadav began screaming and accused his family of disconnecting the TV.

Manjit stepped out of his room and took the remote to help fix the issue. However, the boy was blamed by his father for the disconnection and began brutally beating the 11-year-old up. During the assault, he threatened to break the boy’s arm and began twisting it. As the minor began screaming for help, Deepmala tried to intervene and rescue him from Yadav's clutches. However, when Yadav pushed her away, she found a knife and stabbed him multiple times until he collapsed and lost consciousness.

Meanwhile, the couple’s elder daughter Hetvi, 17, called up Yadav’s brother Rajesh and told him what had transpired. When Rajesh reached the house, he found Yadav lying in a pool of blood and rushed him to Sola Civil Hospital where the doctors declared him dead upon arrival.

Following the incident, the Sola police officials arrested Deepmala and booked her for murder.

A woman reportedly stabbed her husband to death after the victim brutally thrashed their son over a broken television in Ahmedabad, India on Monday, June 13. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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