A man was left with severe burns after his wife scalded him with hot water. The couple reportedly had a row over finances leading to the man’s traumatic ordeal. A court sentenced the woman to 17-years in prison for the incident.

Mangochi Senior Resident Magistrate Court in Malawi sentenced 20-year-old Nunu Saidi on Wednesday, Sept. 15. The woman had been arrested after she severely scalded her 34-year-old husband Wilson Chimenya.

It is reported that Saidi and Chimenya had married last year. The man reportedly had been living with his wife and her three children from her previous marriage. The couple shortly split up in July 2021. The reason for their separation remains unknown. The woman and her children left the marital home during the separation.

On Aug. 28 the accused went back to her husband’s home. Malawi 24 reported that the woman asked the husband to pay for her children’s initiation ceremony. The man pointed out that he would not be paying for the ceremony of the children as they were not biologically his. This angered the woman leading her to pour a pot of hot water over the man’s back. Following the attack, the woman fled from the scene.

Sustaining serious burns, the man was taken to Namwera Health Centre where he received treatment for his injuries. The woman was eventually arrested.

In court, the woman pleaded not guilty to the charges against her. Three witnesses were presented in court to testify against the accused, Emmanuel’s Blog reported. Their statements proved the woman’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

During the trial, the woman’s defense urged the court to show leniency. It was pointed out that the woman’s arrest would affect the lives of her three young children. State prosecutor Blessings Madikhula reminded the court that a tough sentence was needed to discourage women from committing gender-based violence against men. He also pointed out that activists and human rights organizations had remained silent on the case as the victim was a man. Had the perpetrator been a man they would have condemned the attack, Madikhula opined.

Senior Resident Magistrate Rodrick Michongwe took Madikhula’s statements into consideration while sentencing Saidi. He sentenced her to 17-years in prison to serve as an example.

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