A woman living in the UK was aghast after experiencing a rather peculiar issue -- sneaky neighbors who’d climb over her wall to secretly relax in her garden, while she was away at work!

According to Daily Mail, a woman took to Mumsnet to express her dismay over the acts of her nasty neighbors, who used her garden space and furniture for over six hours without her knowledge, whenever she wasn’t home.

While suspicions about the same had grown since long, it wasn’t up until a few weeks ago when she finally decided to install an outdoor camera under her guttering after finding two cigarette butts on the path by her seating area.

The surveillance footage supported her suspicions, as the neighbors were indeed found seated in her garden from 2 pm to 8 pm using her seating and table. The woman, who worked late shifts, alleged that she suspected them of encroaching her garden area since the onset of sunny weather. She further cited that they’ve kept a close watch on her driveway to note when she’s not around. While the neighbors reportedly didn’t have a garden or courtyard, she enthused that there was a park on the other side of her house with large areas of grass they could use.

The woman called for innovative solutions to tackle the tricky situation, largely because she wasn’t too comfortable with confronting them in person as a single woman, The Sun reported. The complaint drew mixed reactions, with scores of users urging the woman to leave a note on their door, asking them to never use her garden again.

A few others suggested that the woman implement more obvious ways to let her neighbors know they’re unwelcome, for example spikes on top of the fence or anti-climb paint. A user advised the woman to let them know that she was aware of their doings, by discussing the same with other neighbors when they were around.

While creative solutions kept flooding the page, a user stepped in to offer a piece of rather simple yet fail-safe advice—requesting that the woman put up a sign on the tabletop, categorically reminding the culprits that they were trespassing, being recorded, and lurking around for longer would lead to the police being called.

Representational image of a garden
Representational image of a garden Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

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