A woman is under investigation after she allegedly mistook a Siberian husky dog for a wolf and proceeded to shoot it dead and skin it in Montana.

The woman, identified as Amber Rose, reportedly mistook a Siberian husky dog for a wolf pup on her solo hunting trip and the canine dead. She then skinned the dog, announced her kill on Facebook, and shared a series of graphic pictures which displayed the animal's carcass, the Daily Beast reported.

In the gruesome pictures, Rose was seen joyously posing with the blood-smeared body of the dead dog, with its fur left lying in a pickup truck. Rose justified the slaughter by claiming that she thought the Siberian Husky was a baby wolf.

“So this morning I set out for a solo predator hunt for a fall black bear, however, I got the opportunity to take another predator wolf pup 2022,” Rose posted on Facebook. “Was a great feeling to text my man and say I just smoked a wolf pup.”

However, as soon as she posted the photos online, the post went viral and sparked outrage among locals. Dozens of people pointed out the obvious in the comment box, slamming that the skinned animal was clearly a dog and not a wolf. Many netizens also demanded action against her for killing and skinning a dog, the Independent reported.

Following the public outrage, the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation into the killing.

Rose later claimed that she opened fire on the dog because she believed the animal was a “hybrid” and that she feared for her life.

“My safety was top priority (sic) this animal was growling, howling and coming at me like it was going to eat me,” Rose wrote in a Facebook post.

“I would still have shot it because it was aggressive and coming directly for me!” she posted. “So please remove all your post thinking I just shot and killed someone’s pet!”

Deputies revealed that Rose is under investigation in connection with the incident. However, the officers did not specify what type of charges she could face.

A woman is under investigation after she allegedly mistook a Siberian husky dog for a wolf and proceeded to shoot it dead and skin it in Montana. This is a representational image. Pixabay/ innokurnia

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