Outside the ring, it seems obvious that former WWE champion Brock Lesnar carries a different kind of persona. He may look menacing but is overall, a different kind of person outside WWE events.

However, that does not mean that one cannot get his goat if people, including actors, would push him too much. It seems this was the case of that reported slamming incident that involved Jackass star, Wee Man.

Lesnar shed more light on the incident when he appeared on The Pat McAfee Show, clarifying that the whole thing was not staged at all. He slammed Wee Man through a table but it appears it was something that the actor was asking for.

The 44-year-old detailed how he was informed that the Jackass crew was around. Lesnar sent them a bottle of wine but there were odd events that followed.

That includes Johnny Knoxville going into the backroom and breaking his door. Lesnar hardly reacted and wanted to just go home. He had no idea what the group was up to at that time.

And whatever it was the Jackass crew was up to unravel not long after Wee Man stood up to Lesnar and it was obvious what they were planning.

“I’m like, going to go home and go to bed. I’m walking out and Wee Man stands up and like, peacocks me a little bit. Yeah, he’s like – and I just picked him up and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna put you down right here.’ None of it was a promo, none of it was staged. Nothing. It just turned out to be really fun. Good for business,” Lesnar stated.

It was an unusual event but something not out of the ordinary. The good thing for Wee Man and the crew is that Lesnar kept his composure. One can only imagine the carnage if Lesnar went ballistic – something most have already seen in the WWE and the UFC when he comes out to perform.

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Brock Lesnar prepares to fight Mark Hunt during the UFC 200 event at T-Mobile Arena on July 9, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images/Rey Del Rio

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