Roman Reigns was forced off WWE Day 1 after testing positive for COVID-19. It was a shocking development but it appears that the Tribal Chief is doing well.

Reigns’ real-life cousins, The Usos, provided an update on the WWE Universal Champion and said that their cousin was home resting and should be back in action soon.

“It felt off not having the Tribal Chief around,” Jey Uso said to Sports Illustrated. “This match was for him. We represented, and he’s going to be OK. He’s home resting, and maybe playing some Call of Duty. We’re going to see him back soon.”

For now, all they want is for Reigns to recover from COVID-19 although Jimmy Uso admitted things are just not the same without the Tribal Chief.

“We opened the show, and we’re so used to seeing The Big Uce close the show. This pandemic is crazy, and all we want is for him to be safe and take care of himself,” he said.

With Reigns out, the WWE had to maneuver things at WWE Day 1. Brock Lesnar ended up participating in a Fatal Five-Way match for Big E’s WWE title.

When the smoke cleared, the “Beast Incarnate” ended up with the heavyweight title around his waist.

The turn of events twists the scripts most were expecting although it somehow gives Drew McIntyre a clear path to the WWE Universal title.

With Lesnar now the official champion on WWE Raw, he is likely to stay there and start a feud with Big E. Of course, other protagonists include Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Bobby Lashley.

From those names, it appears a storyline with either Big E or Lashley would make sense. A better picture of that should be known on the Jan. 3 episode of WWE Raw.

Roman Reigns
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