A new month means a new batch of free games is coming to Xbox Games with Gold subscribers. There will be four new games for June 2022, pairs that are reportedly set to satisfy a certain niche.

The first two game titles for the Xbox Games with Gold for June 2022 are “Aven Colony” and “Project Highrise: Architect's Edition.”

The two titles should appease people who want to try their hands on city-building simulation. However, the two game titles offer different mechanics to put the analytical and creative minds of gamers to work.

“Aven Colony” is the first simulation city-builder and will be available until June 30. For those who may not be aware, the game tasks players to create a new human colony on an alien planet called Aven Prime.

On the other hand, “Porject Highrise” offers similar goals. However, it sets itself apart, enhanced by its vibrant visuals. Its industrial tone is immediately set by its simplistic pixel art and muted color palette.

Now if these city-building games are not interesting to members, there are a couple of Indie games such as “Super Meat Boy” and “Raskulls” that can be considered.

“Super Meat Boy” will be available from now until June 15 while “Raskulls” will be live starting June 16 and will last until June 30.

“Super Meat Boy” is a strictly single-player experience while “Raskulls” encourages up to four players to face off against one another, all competing to earn a faster time.

“Raskulls” also offers quite a decent variety of gameplay, with ten game modes being available from the get-go, ranging from a bomb defusal mode to a deathmatch mode.

Hence, Xbox Games with Gold members should have great freebies this month to choose from. However, it would be best to get them once they are life since they are there for only a certain period as indicated above.

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