Gamers are eager to check out the new games that will be added to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. However, January is also the time when there are titles that would be taken out as well.

The company has announced that six games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass, one more than expected. Set to be taken out on Sunday, Jan. 15, are:

  • “Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc”
  • “Nobody Saves the World”
  • “Pupperazzi”
  • “The Anacrusis”
  • “We Happy Few”
  • “Windjammers 2”

While it is understandable that some or a couple of these games are still enjoyed by subscribers, those who still want to continue playing them will have to buy them but with a 20% discount.

One game that may puzzle subscribers is the exit of “We Happy Few.” Aware that Microsoft owns Compulsion Games, it is a bit odd to see this game title being stricken out soon.

But a better explanation could be because “We Happy Few” was actually published by Gearbox and it was already in the can when Microsoft acquired the studio.

Microsoft usually takes out games by the 15th and the last day of every month. With the announcement, it appears the company will carry on that tradition for the “Year of the Rabbit.”

And while these game titles are on the way out, gamers need not despair. There are new titles to try out with the following expected to come soon. That list includes:

  • “Persona 3 Portable”
  • “Persona 4 Godlen”
  • “Monster Hunter Rise”

Hence, the affected games are in their last week but gamers can still get them at a discounted rate. Looking ahead, it will also be interesting which other titles will be taken out by the end of the month or on January 31. The answer to that should come in the following weeks.

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