Ximena Duque 'Days Of Our Lives' Debut: Why We're Proud But Wanted More From Actress Crossover

After patiently waiting more than five months, fans were finally able to enjoy Ximena Duque making her English crossover debut.

In late January it was revealed that the Colombian actress would be part of the long-running soap opera, "Days of Our Lives." At the time, no other information was given on Duque's role other than her name being Blanca. The wait is finally over as Duque flaunted her acting skills on Tuesday's episode. 

Although we're very proud of Duque and her exceptional crossover debut on the NBC soap, we must emphasize on how we wanted more from the beloved Latina in her first episode.

First, the 31-year-old actress made her highly-anticipated appearance nearly 10 minutes before the show ended, appearing at Rafe Hernandez's (Galen Laius Gering) door. Then, her line was very short. "You must be Rafe? I'm your mother's friend, Blanca," she told Rafe as he was captivated by her gorgeous blue eyes. 

Clearly, we wanted to see her in the first ten minutes and all throughout the one-hour long program. We can't deny, however, that her role will shake things up in the plot and we're excited for what's to come. Word on the street is that Blanca will intervene between Rafe's and Hope Brady's (Kristian-Joy Alfonso) relationship.

Ximena Duque Actress Ximena Duque attends the NBCUniversal 2016 Upfront Presentation on May 16, 2016 in New York, New York. Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Duque, who has starred in telenovelas such as "Dueños del Paraiso," describes her character as happy, fresh and someone who will bring the Latin flavor to the show. 

“You never know where the character is going to go,” said Duque to Yahoo!, revealing that she can't give out too much information, but admitting there will be many twists. "At the beginning, [Blanca] was flirting with Rafe, and then [she] ended up going another route, which was great." 

Duque's character is short-lived on the soap, but there's no doubt that as her first-ever English-language gig, it will open the doors to many great opportunities in the market. 

“I’m very excited about that, because I had such a great time. I think as my first [English-speaking] job, it was great. It was more like a school, you learn so much from your co-workers, from everybody,” Duque told Yahoo! “If they ask me to go back, I’ll be more than happy to go.”

Check out her debut scene below!

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