June was not a good month for Ximena Navarrete. The Mexican actress was criticized by the media and fellow colleagues for not taking sides during the Donald Trump vs. Latinos debacle. As we all know, the real estate tycoon made strong declarations against México and Latinos in the U.S. during his candidacy speech which have damaged all relationships between Mr. Trump and the Latino community.

This was not the case for Navarrete, the former beauty queen was one of the few to maintain her business relationship with Trump. The actress told Mexican magazine TVyNovelas that Trump has always treated her nicely: “I don’t like to go into political subjects. Donald Trump has treated me super nicely, I’m still working with him until today, I have a contract with him. I am not going to say bad things about someone who has treated me well. I understand that he has a situation with someone from a long time ago, some debt, someone who owes him money since 2007. I think that is the root of his anger but I also stand up for Mexicans. I am one, I’m a punctual, honest, and hardworking woman. I understand both parts here, and I’m always going to defend that, the Mexican people.” 

Navarrete’s statement caused controversy because everyone else in the entertainment business seemed to be taking sides, and standing up for the Latino community. Actor Héctor Suarez Gomís made his opinion on the subject public by saying: “I think that what Ximena Navarrete did is pitiful, I can’t stand submissive people that don’t have the courage to say things just the way they are. Our race and our brothers are more important than her relationship with Donald Trump. Having a Miss Universe does nothing good for México.”

Navarrete, who was also criticized by many people after a text conversation between her and Elizabeth Gutiérrez was leaked last week, decided to stand up for herself and posted the following video on her personal YouTube account. Watch what Ximena has to say: