'Yago' Telenovela Intro
'Yago' premiered on Univision with an original intro that displays the opening credits. Watch the video with Iván Sánchez here! Televisa

Univision's new primetime production "Yago" premiered this week and is off to a great start with mostly positive comments on social media. During the premiere of the Iván Sánchez-starring telenovela, we, as viewers, were treated with the opening credits of the show. Fans love to see where their idols stand in the intro -- who has the first credit and who has the last one. Looking at the sequence from a creative perspective, we are content that producers created an original opening and not only cut scenes together. Watch the video below and tell us what you think!

"Yago" tells the story of Omar Guerrero, a simple young man living in a middle-class neighborhood next to his inseparable best friends tAbel (Pablo Valentin) and Lucio (Flavio Medina). Omar’s life changes dramatically when Sara (Gabriela de la Garza) moves into the neighborhood with her father Damián (Manuel Ojeda) and her sister Ámbar (Ximena Romo). Damián is a conman who is about to pull off the perfect heist on the big casino in the city. Unable to do it alone, he convinces Lucio, Abel and his daughter Sara to involve Omar. Even though Sara has fallen in love with Omar, her father manipulates her to go through with the plan.

During the heist, a guard is murdered and Omar is framed for both crimes, and is sentenced to sixty year in prison. While in prison, Omar meets Fidel Yampolski (Patricio Castillo), an old and powerful mafia boss who becomes his mentor. After a prison riot burns the prison down, the two men plot an ingenious revenge. Fidel helps Omar get a new face and a new identity: Yago. Now, 12 years later, Yago has returned to execute his revenge upon the three people who betrayed him. But will love be stronger than his hunger for vengeance?

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