No one is spared from social media backlash, particularly for those who are considered influencers. In the case of beauty YouTuber James Charles,  a recent photoshoot where he posed as pregnant for fellow influencer Halsey was branded as insensitive.

Charles posed pregnant in a recent video and photo project, adopting a pregnant abdomen to make it look like he was going to have a child. All this was part of a dare from a friend, Laura Mellado.

The YouTuber jokingly simulating a pregnancy for 24 hours. He wore a pair of layered silicone baby bumps, to make Charles look like an icon in the male makeup universe posing as a woman who was 40 weeks pregnant. The 21-year-old is the first male face for CoverGirl and shared the images on Instagram and via a video, he put up on YouTube last Friday.

In the YouTube video, a voice could be heard saying that the photo shoot was “very Halsey.” In the photo he posted on Instagram, the caption also read “Surprise” which was directed at Halsey.

Aside from there, the photo was said to be meant to evoke Beyonce’s popular pregnancy shoot when she was pregnant with twins Rumi and Sir Carter, ETOnline reported. The pop artist also has a daughter with Jay-Z in Blue Ivy.

Not long after, social media went abuzz with some infuriated and offended by Charles' actions. It all started from the fact that Halsey had a miscarriage some years back. The singer-songwriter need to undergo surgery to treat endometriosis around her uterus for her to conceive a child again.

Several random Twitter users were not amused by the photoshoot, some questioning if Charles and the people behind it carefully thought it out. Some branded it as insensitive, saying that these kinds of pregnancy jokes are not ok.

For her part, Halsey responded with a tweet and was unsurprisingly not amused. She unfollowed James on Instagram after the 21-year-old had posted the photos.

James Charles celebrates the launch of on September 09, 2019 James Charles celebrates the launch of on September 09, 2019 Getty Images | Brad Barket