A 13-year-old boy allegedly killed a 6-year-old girl by hitting her on the head with a brick for resisting his attempts to rape her in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India on Saturday, Jan. 21.

The accused boy, a 13-year-old boy, dragged a 6-year-old girl into the bushes and allegedly attempted to rape the girl. When the girl resisted him, the boy picked up a brick and hit her on the head repeatedly with the brick. As the girl bled profusely, the boy left her in the bushes, washed his hands at a nearby tube well, changed his blood-stained shirt, and headed for school, the Times Of India reported.

The girl, who went missing on Saturday, Jan. 21 morning, was found severely injured behind some bushes in the backyard of her house in a Modinagar village. After the discovery, her parents rushed her to a nearby hospital for treatment. However, she was declared dead on arrival.

"A villager called to inform us about a young girl lying injured in the backyard of her house. By the time we reached there, her family had taken her to the hospital. She had succumbed to her injuries before being wheeled into the emergency ward. Initial investigation revealed that her face and head had been smashed with a blunt object, possibly with a brick or stone," said Ravi Kumar, the DCP (rural).

After the girl's parents lodged a complaint, a murder case was initiated in connection with the incident. The police formed seven small teams to investigate the case. When questioned, some neighborhood kids who were playing with the victim before the incident informed authorities that they believed she might have gone home.

During further questioning, one of the villagers told the police that he had seen the boy washing his blood-stained hands in the tube well near the area where the girl was found injured, Times Now reported.

"This was also around the time when the girl was reported missing. We detained the boy for questioning. After a few questions, he broke down and admitted to the crime," the DCP said. "He had seen the girl alone and dragged her into the bushes. He tried to rape her, and when she resisted, he hit her with a brick."