A 21-year-old student from Kenya reportedly took her life and hung herself at her boyfriend’s rented home at Kabula market.

The student was identified as Joan Wekesa, a 21-year-old form two student of Naburereya secondary school in Bungoma county.

It appears that the girl had an argument with her mother who reportedly scolded her for missing school. The mother, Praxidese Wekesa, allegedly visited Joan at her boyfriend’s pad after learning from neighbors that she had spent the night there.

During their spat, Joan had allegedly threatened to kill herself if her parents continue to bug her about not going to school.

“I was told by a neighbor that Joan had spent a night with a man who works at a local concrete making company but when I came and questioned her she looked at me and kept quiet,” the elder Wekesa said.

It was unclear from there what happened next. Praxidese reportedly left and went back home to inform her husband. It appears both of them returned to check on Joan, only to find their daughter’s body tangling on the rope.

The body of Joan has since been taken to the Bungoma mortuary with post mortem reports pending.

Other reports claim that Joan was pretty much in love with her boyfriend. According to the father, the two had been dating for the last two months, insinuating that it may have been the reason why Joan did not want to go back to school.

Neighbors were reportedly shocked to learn about the death of Joan. Some described her as humble and hardworking who respected everyone.

Suicide rates in Kenya have been rising in the last few months according to People Daily News. Before the Joan Wekesa incident, at least 483 people committed suicide from April to July 2021 with Kiambu County topping the list.

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