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A Milroy woman is reportedly facing a felony charge for allegedly spitting in the face of a Pennsylvania State Trooper hoping he would get COVID-19.

According to State Police in Mifflin County, a trooper responded to an inactive domestic incident and detained Amanda Daubert, 24, for reasons relating to the inactive incident. While Daubert was being escorted out of the residence towards a patrol unit, she became agitated and spat on a Trooper’s face.

State Police said Daubert told the trooper she was sick and that she hoped he would get coronavirus. Daubert has been charged with felony second-degree aggravated assault, misdemeanor simple assault, and harassment. Meanwhile, the State Police did not disclose whether Daubert or the Trooper had tested positive for the virus following the arrest.

Daubert was set at $100,000, she was assigned a public defender. Daubert was unable to post bail and she was remanded to the Mifflin County Prison.

In a similar incident from last year, Georgee Marie Lara, from Midland, Sydney, was arrested after also allegedly spitting on a Midland Police Department officer as she confirmed she had COVID-19. Included in Lara’s arrest affidavit, officers responded to Renew Park North Apartments to execute a search warrant. Lara allegedly spat on an officer and said she had been diagnosed with the coronavirus when he attempted to search her apartment. She also allegedly yelled at and pushed officers at the scene.

In another incident that happened in 2020, a woman had been jailed for spitting on a police officer, saying she hoped he and his colleagues would die of coronavirus. Lianne Mottershead, 30, was taken into custody in Bradford in West Yorkshire after she reportedly kicked a police officer in the groin during an incident in Huddersfield. While in there, she spat at an officer and told the custody sergeant she had coronavirus. She was jailed for a total of eight months at Leeds Magistrates' Court.

According to prosecutors, Mottershead is a resident of Longfield Avenue, Huddersfield, she was heavily intoxicated and later told police she had been advised by the NHS to self-isolate due to the symptoms she described. Chief Crown Prosecutor for Yorkshire and Humberside, Gerry Wareham, stated, "In the current climate, it is beyond belief that someone should deliberately spit at another person, let alone a police officer performing their duties..."

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