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Steven Rees allegedly forced himself inside his partner’s house in Mayhill district in Swansea, Wales and punched, throttled and urinated on the blanket she used. This was not all as he attacked her dog and threatened to put her children to harm.

Rees, 31, confronted the woman because of her decision to part ways and end her relationship with him due to his use of Valium. It was November last year when the woman talked to Rees about this.

Rees gave threats to the woman, including harming and snapping her children's necks. He also said to his partner that "all men hate women" and "women-beaters shake hands in prison.”

According to WalesOnline, prosecutor Craig Jones stated that the "angry and aggressive" defendant went to his partner's house in Mayhill, a district of Swansea and kicked his way through the front door.

The court prosecutor detailed the events of the assault. It included a lot of punches and choking. The defendant was said to have thrown coffee over his partner and blabbed tons of "florid" threats about killing her and snapping her children’s neck while also making hand gestures of it.

It is also stated that Rees took off the blanket which she had wrapped herself in then urinated on it. The woman immediately called her mother for help. Though Rees tried to persuade his partner’s mother that her daughter was just exaggerating, the mother rushed and found her daughter hiding in the garden with her children.

Rees' former partner has been unable to get back to her home since the attack. According to Swansea Crown Court, Rees and his partner started their relationship while he was in prison. They continued with it even after he was freed.

Rees admitted to the assault by beating and two counts of making threats to kill. Judge Christopher Vosper QC sentenced the defendant to two years and eight months imprisonment. Rees is set to serve up to half the sentence in custody before being released on licence for community service.

He was also reported with 13 convictions in the past for 33 offences including dangerous driving, harassment of a former partner, motoring offences, possession of drugs, and assaulting emergency workers.

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