Self-proclaimed unidentified flying object (UFO) expert Scott C. Waring recently shared a new discovery with fellow enthusiasts. According to the UFO enthusiast, he has found a five-mile (7-kilometer) long UFO on Google Earth, which was submerged under the ocean off the coast of Peru.

He shared the details on his blog UFO Sightings Daily. A perfectly round circle outlined in the sea near the Nazca Desert, Peru is seen in the screenshots taken from the mapping service.

According to Daily Star, that desert is actually home to Nazca Lines, a group of geoglyphs drawn by people in the sand between 500 BC and AD 500. The lines, which usually depict figures or animals, were made by shallow incisions which exposed different colored sediments.

Waring came up with a bizarre theory saying that his finding and the drawings must be possibly linked to the mythical lost city of Atlantis. He wrote that now there is a "7-kilometer UFO sitting at the bottom of the ocean," and that it is next to a "very mysterious location...Nazca, Peru, which is famous for the giant drawings in the dirt that are hundreds of meters long." He explained that the Nazca lines "are said to be drawings to welcome the God." According to him, back in time such "alien technology flying though the sky could easily be mistaken for Gods," and it's "obvious that the two are connected."

He noted that "this circular shape is also the right size and shape to be the lost city of Atlantis, which I have long believed to be an alien ship that was floating on the ocean, then later submerged." Waring further analyzed the supposed UFO, and said that a "dome structure" is clearly visible higher than the rest of the shape. He described it as "the classic disk design we have all heard about." He shared that the "disk at the bottom of the ocean is 100% proof of ancient aliens and the technology is just sitting there on the bottom of the ocean."

Latin Times previously reported that Waring claimed to have spotted a mysterious object hovering over Ukraine's capital Kyiv. He took to his blog to share photos of a white disk flying in the sky above Ukraine, which is currently being attacked by Russia. Waring claimed that it could be a "white long tic tac UFO" that he saw earlier this month. He wrote that the raw footage was of an "unknown craft over Kyiv, Ukraine."

Representation Image Humanoid alien figure Pawel86 / Pixabay

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