The search for a 9-year-old girl has come to a heartbreaking end after she was reportedly discovered buried in a cellar in Oryol, Russia.

The child was identified as Viktoria Gnedova who had been reported missing for the last three months. She was found in a 7-foot grave in one of the basement of a house in Kazar village.

She was positively identified by authorities by the clothes she wore. They were the last ones that the child reportedly wore before she disappeared from her flat where she was home alone.

Police have detained a 61-year-old neighbor who is a suspect in the gruesome crime. He was held about a separate child sex case and is currently under investigation.

Aside from that, the man is also reportedly tied to other unsolved child abuse sex cases in the area dating back to a quarter of a century per reports.

The case is the latest incident in the rash of suspected sexually motivated attacks on children in Russia. It is also one reason why Oryol governor Andrey Klychkov has called for the death penalty to be reverted.

“The horror is that this girl died… We need to make sure the person responsible gets the punishment they deserve,” Klychkov said. “I do not tolerate people who commit such crimes. I think we should bring back the death penalty.”

Russian MP Gennady Onishchenko has pushed that the death penalty be meted on pedophiles. This came after a 34-year-old father allegedly killed a pedophile for attacking her 9-year-old daughter as well as other child victims in the Samara region.

The father took action after discovering footage of the child's sex episodes on a mobile phone.

Aside from that, there was also the case of two schoolgirls, Ulyana Degtyar and Anastasia Fesler. Both were 10-years-old and were raped and killed after sickening CCTV footage showed them with a convicted child sex attacker who had bought treats for them at a shop in Kiselyovsk, in the Kemerovo region.

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