There was a time when Adamari López and Luis Fonsi were married and one of the cutest couples in entertainment, but they had their differences and broke up. Both have since then moved on and married again, but with López being one of the co-host's of "Un Nuevo Día" she sometimes has to talk about the achievements of her ex. This week in the "El Candelero" segment along with Ana María Canseco was informing that Fonsi was shut out of the MTV VMAs for his "Despacito" hit and Adamari gave her two cents about the situation. 

"Fonsi ask your people who didn't send that video [for consideration] because it's surprising that it's not nominated," López said. "If it was nominated he would've won." The whole moment was awkward considering their rocky past, but again it's the Telemundo producers that keep putting Adamari in these uncomfortable positions because they know they will become viral. We are sure the actress is over her ex-husband as she has moved on, but it just looks weird. Maybe we are the ones that need theraphy and can't move past their relationship. Watch the moment down below and tell us what you think!

It's not the first time the "Un Nuevo Día" crew force Adamari López into these uncomfortable scenarios. Back in April, fellow co-host Rashel Díaz was promoting an interview she did with Luis Fonsi where he talked about his divorce. As Díaz was hyping up her primetime special, López was completely stoic, in contrast to Ana María Canseco who had a smile on her face. Adamari showed no expression and was listening attentive to what her co-host was saying.

When Rashel sent to the clip, she asked the "Despacito" hitmaker what has been one of the most difficult times in his life. "On a personal level I would say my divorce," he answered. "My divorce I think was the most difficult, where I learned the most, what fortified me... but I can't lie to you, it was without a doubt a difficult time." Rashel then asks what was the most difficult time professionally to which he responded: "I think it was that as well."

On the way back to the Telemundo morning show cast, Adamari continued to remain expression-less, while Rashel plugged her show. Daniel Sarcos chimed in as there seemed to be tension on the table. He started laughing saying that it was "a moment" after seeing Fonsi's declarations. López laughed it off and completely changed her expression to move on from the subject, finishing it off by promoting the television special.

Maybe the new segment was to have us forget about this awkward moment and really show that Adamari is over Luis and can talk about him freely. There's one thing that we need to commend though, her professionalism. We are sure it's not easy for López as she knows social media users will notice and her expressions are going to be seen through a microscope.