Adriana Louvier
The "Caer En Tentación" star is experiencing the loss of her father and shared a heartfelt message on Twitter. Televisa

Adriana Louvier just wrapped up production of "Caer En Tentación" and had been excited for her nomination at Premios TVyNovelas 2018, but the actress is going through some hard times at the moment. Louvier who gives life to Carolina in the Univision soap announced that her father had sadly passed away. "I've gone through the hardest day of my life, losing the one I love the most in this world, my father," she wrote on Twitter. "Thank you to all the people that during this time have given me their love, their generosity and presence."

Giselle González, executive producer of "Caer En Tentación" wrote: "You know how much I care for you and how much I feel this great loss that you have. Lot's of love for you and your previous family.

Rosy Ocampo, executive at Televisa, wrote: "Dear Adriana Louvier, I send you a big hug during these moments, peace for your father and comfort for you and your family."

Adriana Louvier did not reveal the cause of death of her father, and we send her our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Adriana Louvier can currently be seen on "Caer En Tentación" on Univision where she plays Carolina, a devoted housewife resigned to perform this role flawlessly. She is a woman of deep feelings, her destiny as a wife and mother came early in her life taking any personal aspiration away from her. Her first daughter came without being planned, and so did her second child. Carolina left her passion for gastronomy behind in order to dedicate herself to attend her house, her husband, and her children. Although she loves Santiago, she stays next to him only because she feels somehow committed to him for having rescued her from living next to her brother, who is part of her sad and obscure past. Meeting Damián is the best thing that has ever happened to her, but her attraction for him takes her to embark on an adventure that, although it brings her some unknown pleasures, it also keeps her on the edge of distress at the risk of getting caught. Carolina falls deeply in love with Damián and is ready to do anything for him. Only fate will get to stop her, but it will be fatally.

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