Former porn star Lana Rhoades visited New York and was invited by a yet-to-be-identified NBA player to watch the Brooklyn Nets vs. Milwaukee Bucks encounter. The former porn star was given skybox seats with her friends to watch the NBA matchup, after which they all went out for dinner.

However, there are claims that the NBA player brought along a backup date for some reason. And it seems the reason behind that is that there was a chance that Rhoades and the player may not get along well. Based on her recount, it appears that it was as expected.

“I don’t want to be mean but me and this guy just didn’t click and I’m like what’s your favorite this, what’s your opinion on this, and he was just like, I don’t have opinions on anything, I don’t have favorite anythings, and he was serious and he wasn’t just saying that to shut down the conversation…he’s not spicy enough for me,” Rhoades stated when she appeared on an episode of 3 girls, 1 kitchen podcast.

Rhoades did not reveal the name of the guy he dated. However, she did mention that the player was a Libra. The only player on the Nets squad that is a Libra is Kevin Durant. It has yet to be confirmed that it was the former NBA MVP who did go out with the former adult star.

Further, it appears this was not the first time that Rhoades had a date with a backup ready.

“The guy who invited me also invited one of the other girls and this isn’t the first time that this has happened to me that where I’ve been invited on a date and they also invite a backup option,” Rhoades explained.

With Kevin Durant in the picture, there are now growing speculations that Kevin Durant could be her baby’s daddy. But just because the two went out on a date would be premature to conclude that the Nets star is the father of Rhoades’ child.

It is also worth noting that Rhoades said that her date, speculatively Durant, was boring. Hence, the real identity of the father of the ex-porn star’s child remains a mystery.

Lana Rhoades
Adult film actress Lana Rhoades attends the 2017 Adult Video News Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on January 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. GETTY/ Gabe Ginsberg