As former U.S. President Donald Trump files to stop the FBI from going through the files that were seized in Mar-a-Lago, far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones released a video on Monday backtracking his previously-held position abandoning him in favor of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Trump and his attorney filed a motion to stop the FBI from going through the confiscated files that were taken from Mar-a-Lago and demanded that a neutral special master to go through the files and review the records in order to make sure that only the files within the warrant were taken by federal authorities, according to the New York Post.

“Law enforcement is a shield that protects Americans. It cannot be used as a weapon for political purposes,” the motion said. “Therefore, we seek judicial assistance in the aftermath of an unprecedented and unnecessary raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago.”

“We are now demanding that the Department of ‘Justice’ be instructed to immediately STOP the review of documents illegally seized from my home. ALL documents have been previously declassified,” Trump said in a statement.

The surprise raid of Trump’s Florida resort and estate reportedly related to classified files and documents that Trump reportedly took out from the White House and kept for himself–with the warrant for the raid coming after Trump’s lawyers reportedly lied about returning all the documents that were taken from the government.

Meanwhile, far-right conspiracy theorist and radio host Alex Jones appears to have backtracked on withdrawing his support from Trump in a new video released over the weekend, claiming that he was still on Trump’s corner and that the video where he appeared to endorse Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was taken out of context, the Daily Beast reported.

“The corporate media edited it down to a 30-second clip to make it sound like I’m only for DeSantis and that I’ve abandoned you. That’s not true. It’s the contrary,” Jones said, in a desperate plea to Trump.

“I understand that you’re under attack, I understand you are surrounded, and I’m trying to get you to reassess the situation. I know that people like [Donald Trump Jr.] are telling you that you need to reassess the situation.”

In his previous video, Jones called DeSantis “way better than Trump” as he highlighted the effectiveness of DeSantis’ laws and actions in Florida.

“I am supporting DeSantis,” he said in the previous video. “DeSantis has just gone from being awesome to being unbelievably good. And I don’t just watch a man’s actions, as Christ said. Judge a tree by its fruits. I can also look in his eyes on HD video, and I see the real sincerity.”

Alex Jones appears to backtrack his apparent disavowal of former U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday, claiming his words were taken out of context as Trump attempts to sue the FBI for the Mar-a-Lago raid. Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images.

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