'Amores Con Trampa' Telenovela Casting News
The new Televisa production has just confirmed Africa Zavala as one of the lead actresses and will star opposite Eduardo Yáñez. Televisa

Straight out of "La Malquerida," África Zavala has scored her next telenovela role in "Amores Con Trampa." It was confirmed today by the actress herself on "Fórmula Espectacular" that she would be starring opposite Eduardo Yáñez, playing a chracter called María. In contrast to "La Malquerida" where she played the poor Alejandra, that suffered physical and psychological abuse, this time she will play an older woman and a mother of several children. In the new Televisa production from Emilio Larrosa of hits like "Soñadoras," "Amigas y Rivales" and "Hasta Que El Dinero Nos Separe," Zavala's character starts off living in a ranch and moves to the big city which causes her to feel out of place. The comical part will come from her trying to adapt to city-life when she is so used to living life a certain way.

Zavala edged out actresses like Patty Manterola and Lorena Rojas for this role in "Amores Con Trampa." África has also starred in telenovelas like "Para Volver a Amar," "Amorcito Corazón" and "Peregrina." Yáñez was last seen as the star of "Amores Verdaderos" and previously seen in hits like "Fuego En La Sangre" and "Destilando Amor." Both actors will be joined by Itatí Cantoral and Ernesto Laguardia, who are the other leading couple. This new Televisa production is based off the Chilean comedy "Somos Los Carmona" by Carlos Oporto. The telenovela starred Álvaro Rudolphy and Carolina Arregui about a rural family living in a village, away from civilization. When the government expropriates their land the move to the big city. There they will collide with their neighours and problems soon start to come up driving the marriage apart.

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