Anahi started in show business when she was only a little girl. Her breakout role came when she starred on the Televisa production of "Rebelde," where the musical group RBD was formed.

The band was a global hit and the young performer has been adored by millions of followers. Anahi has been singing throughout her career and has many songs that are catchy and still in our minds today. We have compiled the Top 10 best tunes and you can listen to them below!

10. "Eres": Anahí is best when we can listen to her beautiful, raw voice. This duet with Julión Alvarez was something different for the artist that became one of our favorites.

9. "Boom Cha": This hit shows how versatile Anahí is. Take a listen and tell us what you think.

8. "Rumba": One thing that we love about Anahí is that she is always trying something new. "Rumba," which features Wisín, is the perfect example of this approach.

7. "Mi Delirio": One of her solo songs after RBD was disbanded, it is an interesting take of what Anahí wanted after the band.

6. "Me Hipnotizas": We love this poppy song that is catchy and is a club favorite.

5. "Primer Amor": One of the theme songs to telenovela "Primer Amor," Anahí captures the magic of a young woman coming of age.

4. "Click": Anahí shares this song with the lead singers of Miranda and Moderatto. Combining all three artists creates a very original fusion.

3. "Dividida": This theme song to her telenovela "Dos Hogares" showcases Anahí's growth. She is no longer singing about having a crush, but being divided between two lovers.

2. "Sálvame": Although this was technically RBD, Anahí slays in this romantic song that we still cry to every time we listen to it.

1. "Corazón De Bombón": This is obviously our top song because it is classic Anahí. It has a catchy hook up and we still love it after all these years.