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MIAMI - Angelica Vale is making her grand return to Televisa Univision with the new talent hunt reality TV show "Juegos de voz," set to bring a fresh perspective to music competitions by showcasing famous Latin music industry families performing together in parent-children duos. Vale's excitement about the show and its cast of well-known artists hints at an engaging viewing experience for audiences.

"It's a very cool concept. I've already been told about some of the cast members and they are very well-known artists. I think it's going to be really beautiful," Vale told the Latin Times, hours before taking the stage as one of the hosts of the 2024 edition of Premio Lo Nuestro with Galilea Montijo and Clarissa Molina.

With a career spanning over four decades, Vale was a household name in the entertainment world even before she was born. Her mother is beloved Mexican entertainment legend Angélica María.

Her journey in showbiz started at age two, leading to an impressive array of roles in over 30 theatrical productions. She has graced the stage in diverse genres, ranging from musicals and comedies to dramas, highlighting her versatility as a performer. Her most notable roles include performances in acclaimed plays such as "Les Misérables" and "The Vagina Monologues."

Vale's talents extend beyond the theatre. She has also starred in 12 telenovelas, including the hugely popular "La fea más bella," the Mexican adaptation of "Ugly Betty."

Her foray into television also includes significant roles as a musical advisor on two seasons of "Tu Cara Me Suena" and hosting duties on talent shows like "Parodiando." These experiences have honed Angélica Vale skills in identifying and nurturing talent, making her an ideal host for "Juegos de Voz."

Angélica Vale the radio star

In addition to her television work, Vale has made a mark in the radio industry. She currently hosts the "CaliValeShow" on Cali 93.9 FM, a top station in California. She also leverages her strong social media presence, with over 6 million followers, to champion the causes of underrepresented communities.

Her commitment to the arts is evident in her active participation in Mexican theater. Her recent roles in productions like "Vaselina" demonstrate her enduring passion for live performances. Vale's multifaceted career, marked by successes in theater, television, radio, and social media, reflect her adaptability and wide-ranging appeal.

'Juegos de Voz' on Univision

"Juegos de Voz," set to premiere on April 9th on Televisa Univision, represents another milestone in Vale's career. This show is not just a platform for showcasing musical talent; it also celebrates familial bonds through music, something close to her heart.

While the cast hasn't been announced yet, there are several musical families in Latin music that could (should?) be invited:

  • The Fernández family, with Alejandro and his children Alex and Camila
  • The Montaners, with Ricardo and his children, Héctor, Mau y Ricky, Evaluna, and his son in law Camilo.
  • Emmanuel and his son, Alexander Acha
  • Lucero, Mijares and their daughter, Lucerito Mijares
  • The Agulars, Pepe and his children Leonardo and Ángela
  • Chayanne and his daughter, Isadora
  • Hernán Hernández of Los Tigres del Norte and his children's band Suenatron
  • Gloria Estefan and Emily
  • and, of course, Angélica Vale and her mom Angélica María, among many others.

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