A 40-year-old mother-of-four from California who boasted of being "unmasked, unmuzzled and unvaccinated" has died from Covid-19.

Kristen Lowery, from Escalon, died after contracting the coronavirus. She left behind four children Tayden, McKenna, Ella, and Ryenn.

Lowery’s family has raised thousands of dollars to cover her funeral expenses.

Janet Vallotton, who organized a GoFundMe page, said Kristen died "suddenly and unexpectedly".

According to social media posts by her family members, the mother had died from Covid, with her sister Cassie pleading for prayers on Facebook shortly before her death.

She wrote: "My sister, Kristen, is in the hospital fighting for her life against Covid and pneumonia.”

"My sister has a long life left. We need you here sissy. Your kids love and miss you."

"I do not care about your opinion on vaccinated or not. This is not political."

"This is a request for every prayer. Every ounce of strength. You all have. To help my sister pull through this."

Lowery's aunt Roxann Bittner Kalski later confirmed the news online saying that her "beautiful niece" had lost her battle against the deadly virus.

"My heart is breaking for her 4 kids and her sister Cassie, and brother Kurt. We will miss her always. So many people need her here, but God must have special plans for her in heaven. You are so loved Kristen. And will be so, so missed," she wrote on Facebook.

Lowery's Facebook profile had included several posts sharing anti-vaccine messages.

One included the words: "Unmasked. Unmuzzled. Unvaccinated. Unafraid. Together we win."

Another showed a picture of Kristen next to a sign which reads: "Give a voice to the vaccine-injured."

Another picture had a frame that read: "Free Thinker. Question everything. Research mandatory."

The GoFundMe page raising money for Lowery’s funeral costs reads: "Kristen was a beautiful and amazing woman but more than that she was a phenomenal mother who always, ALWAYS put her children first."

Similar incidents of people who called Covid-19 a hoax contracting and dying from the virus have been reported in the past.

One such person was Lieutenant Stephen Shyti from Manhattan who refused to get vaccinated explaining his lack of trust in the government and died of the virus in early September.

Another such person is Joe Manning, the anti-vax police officer from Georgia who succumbed to the virus last month.

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