Attack on Titan colossas titan live action
'Attack on Titan' live action will arrive in Japanese theaters August 1. 東宝MOVIEチャンネル / YouTube

Last month, we shared the very first "Attack on Titan" live-action movie trailer. For the manga and anime fans that may have been sleeping under a rock for the past couple of months, the first of a two-part "Attack on Titan" live-action movie release date is September 19.

Just like the anime, the film accounts the day the titans breached the Walled City that protects humanity. The "Attack on Titan" live-action movie, directed by Shinji Higuchi, will star Haruma Miura as Eren. Kiko Mizuhara will play Mikasa. Kanata Hongo plays Armin, Miura Takahiro plays Jean, Nanami Sakuraba plays Sasha, and Ishihara Satomi will play Hanji.

The "Attack on Titan" movie will introduce some new characters as well. A mysterious character named Shikishima is known as "humanity's strongest" within the movie, which makes the character closely resemble Levi Ackerman from the manga and anime. Shikishima will be played by actor Hiroki Hasegawa.

"Attack on Titan" part one of two will arrive in theaters on August 1 across Japan. Next, "Attack on Titan: End of the World" will reach theaters on Sept. 19. Global release has yet to be confirmed, but we expect it to arrive as soon as late 2015, starting in Australia and New Zealand.

Watch the latest "Attack on Titan" live-action movie trailer complete with English subtitles in the video below!

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