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Casey White Captured, Vicky White Dead After High-Speed Chase: What To Know PIXABAY

Casey White, the inmate from Alabama who escaped from Lauderdale County jail earlier through the help of his corrections officer Vicki White, is set to be transferred from state prison to county jail. The motion for transfer was filed by White’s attorneys on Friday with a petition to transfer their client from Donaldson Correctional facility in Bessemer to the Cullman County jail. Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, and Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry reportedly did not object to the motion for transfer.

According to Fox News, approval from Lauderdale County Circuit Judge Benjamin Graves is still needed before the transfer can commence. Mark Mcdaniel, one of White’s lawyers said that the transfer was necessary for the defense team based in Huntsville, Alabama to prepare for the trial scheduled in December in Lauderdale County. White currently faces charges of capital murder, the punishment of which could entail a sentence of 10 years to life or death penalty according to Alabama law.

Casey White was charged with capital murder in 2020 for the death of Connie Ridgeway of Rogersville back in 2015. White was in the custody of the Florence jail awaiting his trial when his jail administrator assisted in his escape. The pair, who had a “special relationship” fled the facility prompting an 11-day manhunt before they were captured in Indiana. Both the inmate and his jailer were on the run bringing nationwide attention to the case.

Reports from authorities said Vicki took her own life as police were about to close in on Casey in Evansville. After his capture, Casey was additionally charged with the felony murder of his jailer lover, however, a trial has yet to give a date regarding this case.

In a statement by White’s Lawyer, his client's capital murder and felony murder cases were quite extensive, and that the transfer was necessary to help him prepare for the trial set for December. He said that communication with White is key for their preparations citing how the whole defense team worked on the motion for White’s transfer and that their client’s transfer is meant to serve in the “ best interest of justice”.

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