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Most will remember the late Bernie Madoff for scamming millions out of multiple individuals although there are other tidbits that most will not know. They are certain to be plenty but one journalist, Jim Campbell may be able to shed more to that considering he was an odd pen pal partner of the author of the world’s largest Ponzi scheme fraud.

Much of this is expected to come to be on Campbell’s upcoming book, “Madoff Talks.” It is set to be released in the coming weeks although the author provided some glimpses of things to come via the New York Post.

Campbell starts by narrating how he was able to become pen pals with Madoff. Ironically, he was endorsed by Madoff’s eldest son, Andrew, to his father. It will be recalled that since word broke about the scam, Andrew Madoff never talked to his father afterward. When Campbell asked Andrew if he would still talk to his dad, he replied “never, he is dead to me.”

From there, Campbell was also introduced to Ruth Madoff who was moving to Old Greenwich. She was open to discussing the forgetful incident and both had frequent lunch meetings. For the record, Ruth lost $800 million of net worth and was going through a lot. Andrew was dealing with cancer while her other son, Mark, committed suicide two years after Bernie Madoff’s arrest.

As mentioned in a previous post, the Madoff family was severely broken by Bernie’s actions. But from the conversations, it appears Madoff had resorted to the ploy when he started to incur losses from the business.

This included him disdaining his victims who he felt were greedy and expected him to deliver results despite the odds. It was only on the Ponzi hedge fund where the losses were exposed. Madoff stopped trading to stop the financial bleeding and made up his results. Considering he was trading with numbers larger than the market, he was branded as the ultimate control freak. That included seducing one of his investor’s wife although Madoff denied having done so to Campbell.

Clients included family and friends. Madoff helped a pal mourn his handicapped wife, then fleeced him of $250 million. More revelations are expected on “Madoff Talks” once it hits shelves on Apr. 27.

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