Joe Biden showed his humorous side when he was asked a question regarding UFOs.

During a news conference on Friday, a reporter asked Biden, “I think it’s interesting President Obama says that there is footage and records of objects in the skies, these unidentified aerial phenomena, and he says we don’t know exactly what they are. What do you think that it is?”

Biden replied, “I would ask him again.”

It was greeted with laughter and applause, reported Huffington Post.

During an appearance on "The Late Late Show" last week, Obama said on a lighter note, "The truth is that when I came into office, I asked, right, I was like, 'Alright, is there the lab somewhere where we're keeping the alien specimens and space ship?' And you know, they did a little bit of research and the answer was no."

Commenting more about UFOs, Obama said, "What is true, and I'm actually being serious here, is that there are, there's footage and records of objects in the skies, that we don't know exactly what they are. We can't explain how they moved, their trajectory. They did not have an easily explainable pattern. And so, you know, I think that people still take seriously trying to investigate and figure out what that is."

In April 2020, the Pentagon officially released three short videos showing "unidentified aerial phenomena," reported CNN.

In the videos, it appeared that some unidentified flying objects were quickly moving while being recorded by infrared cameras.

In two of the videos, service members seemed to be in awe at how fast the objects were moving. One voice guessed that it could be a drone.

Back then, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid supported the idea of existence of UFOs.

"I'm glad the Pentagon is finally releasing this footage, but it only scratches the surface of research and materials available," tweeted Reid.

"The US needs to take a serious, scientific look at this and any potential national security implications. The American people deserve to be informed."

In the coming weeks, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and Secretary of Defense will be needed to provide the intelligence and armed services committees of Congress with an unclassified report on "unidentified aerial phenomena."

Joe Biden
U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a joint press conference with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in the East Room of the White House on May 21, 2021 in Washington, DC. Moon Jae-in is the second world leader to be hosted by President Biden at the White House. Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

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