The pandemic is still in the air and kids are left with no choice but to stay at home. Video games played on mobile phones are a common practice although some get too addicted to them.

In most games, the best way to play better is to secure in-game purchases. It appears that a 12-year-old in Delhi did just that but needed to steal from his parents to buy the things that he needed.

Initially, the boy who hails from Delhi’s Preet Vihar stole money from his father so that he could buy weapons for the game, “Free Fire” online. But it appears that this was not enough. He ended up getting his mother’s jewelry and selling them for extra funds.

“Free Fire” is an ultimate survival shooter game where in-app purchases have to be made to make sure that a gamer’s arsenal is ready with the latest weaponry.

Probably realizing that he put himself in a deep mess, the unnamed 12-year-old boy opted to run away from home, fearing he may get caught for stealing his mom’s valuables. He was able to procure roughly Rs 20,000.

The boy boarded the Kalindi Express from Delhi and arrived at Aligarh. But seeing a boy journey alone is likely to capture the attention of others. One passenger did just that and reported the boy to the RPF.

The RPF brought the boy to their office and questioned him. It was there where they learned of him running away from home. The parents were contacted and immediately rushed to Aligarh.

The father, who runs a family business in Preet Vihar, admitted that he gave the boy the mobile phone to attend classes online with the country still on lockdown. However, the father also explained that the boy downloaded the game and became addicted to it, a reason why he started stealing to make sure the game is updated.

“My son had downloaded the online battle game and got addicted to it. For updating the game, he needed money so he started stealing from home,” the father stated in a report.

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