Migrants in a shelter during Christmas
Around 1,500 Migrants Cross From Mexico Into El Paso, Texas: What To Know Photo by: Reuters/Luis Cortes

Buses packed with migrants from Texas were dropped off in front of the home of Vice President Kamala Harris on Christmas Eve as the city of Washington goes through a record-setting drop in temperatures. Texas authorities did not confirm whether the drop-off was done under their orders, however, the border state has done similar actions in the past, in an attempt to call the Biden administration's attention regarding the border crisis.

According to the Associated Press, managing director Tatiana Laborde of SAMU First Response, an agency that works with the city to provide for migrants that have been dropped off in recent months with relief, said buses carrying 110 to 130 migrants arrived on Saturday evening. One of the three buses reportedly unloaded all their passengers in front of the Vice President’s residence. Local organizers had expected the buses to arrive on Sunday but later discovered on Saturday that the group would arrive a day earlier.

Laborde added that young children were among those traveling, with some wearing just T-shirts even as temperatures dropped to -9 degrees celsius. This is the coldest Christmas Eve ever recorded for Washington. Laborde also mentioned that blankets were prepared by employees for those who arrived and facilitated their transfer to waiting buses for a ride to a nearby church for temporary shelter. A local restaurant chain donated dinner as well as breakfast for those traveling.

Those who arrived in Washington are expected to stay briefly as they were headed for other destinations around the United States. Gov. Greg Abbott’s office did not respond to a request for comment Sunday morning. LAst week, Gov. Abbotts said the state had bussed around 15,000 people to Washington, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia since April.

Gov. Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, both Republicans, have strongly criticized President Joe Biden’s methods of handling the crisis on the US-Mexico border, where thousands of migrants have been said to cross on a daily basis, most of them seeking asylum. Officials on both sides of the border have been seeking emergency assistance in setting up shelters as well as services for migrants, as many are forced to sleep on the streets. Meanwhile, as temperatures continue to drop, thousands of migrants in El Paso have been left scrambling for beds in shelters as local leaders announce only some migrants are qualified to stay.

Migrants, mostly from Venezuela, during a night of low temperatures in El Paso
Migrants, mostly from Venezuela, during a night of low temperatures in El Paso. Photo by: Reuters/Jose Luis Gonzalez

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