Xavier López, better known in the entertainment industry as “Chabelo,” made a big announcement during a press event at the Jorge Negrete Theatre in Mexico City on Friday.

“El amigo de todos los niños” was a special guest star at “ANDA…regala un juguete,” an annual charity event that focuses on collecting toys for the less fortunate on Children’s Day. During his chat with the media, López revealed he was ready to return to television.

According to El Sol de Mexico, the 81-year-old entertainer disclosed he was “ready to be back on the air,” and added that he was waiting for Televisa President Emilio Azcárraga Jean to approve the new project.

Even though López refrained from sharing specific details about the new TV show, he mentioned he will be back on the small screen every week and is planning on bringing his old production team with him.

“To me, it is a privilege that God has given me and I always thank him because I will forever be a big child,” Chabelo said of his upcoming venture.

Last December, the “Mamacita Dónde Está Santa Claus” performer said goodbye to the audience after 48 years of putting smiles on the faces of millions of Mexican families with his Sunday-morning show, “En Famila Con Chabelo.”

“Everything in life has a cycle, a beginning and an end,” Chabelo said in a video farewell posted on his personal YouTube channel. “'En Familia Con Chabelo' began 48 years ago with a format that not many thought would last and thanks to all of you, it has lasted.”

Fans all over the country were sad to see the show go off the air, but like a wise man once said,  “When one door closes, a window opens.” Stay tuned to find out more about Chabelo’s new venture, coming soon.