Chiquis Rivera Lashes Out At Haters, Fat Shamers, Backstabbers And More [VIDEO]

Chiquis Rivera
The daughter of Jenni Rivera is defending herself from all the haters on social media. Listen to what she said here! GettyImages

Chiquis Rivera has shown what a secure and powerful woman she is by going on a tirade online to defend herself from all the attacks she receives online. “I want to talk to you about things that happened on social media and people that talk just because they have a mouth,” she said in the video. "They want attention, they say they are your friends but they talk behind your back. It's sad for them because I can only imagine that at the end of they say they think, 'why can't I get ahead in my personal life, in my career, in my business?', well Chiquis is here to say that, that's precisely the reason because you are talking more than you should."

The daughter of Jenni Rivera went on to bash the people that fat shame her or criticize her ability to sing. "If we sing well or not, if we are fat or no, that shouldn't matter to you," she continued. "You should focus on yourself first and then look at yourself in the mirror before speaking. That is what throws me off completely because I say, 'dude, really?' That's how you know it's unhappy people that are talking because if you were happy, you wouldn't be talking because there's no time for that."

Chiquis then goes off to tell all the haters off that think she has a spotlight because of her mother, "La Diva de la Banda." "I am very busy, thank God that he gives me work, I am working my a** off, and I don't have to ask anybody for anything," she continued. "Yes, I am Jenni Rivera's daughter, and it's a f**ing honor, I am proud of being her daughter, but at the same time I am not growing in my career because of that. It's because I wake up early, because I work hard and I go to sleep late."

She also added: "How does it affect you if you don't pay my bills? I don't ask you to pay my house, that's what I don't understand. That is the problem with Latinos, we don't support each other. I don't include myself in that because when I'm able to help, I do it from the heart, but there's always people that talk, that want to see you down, they see you growing and they want to bring you down, if it's not with critiques, they set traps, they say ugly things."

"We shouldn't be like that as Latinos. I know who the people that talk are, I can see them, but it's alright. I am not going to give them the attention because that's what they want, I will not mention their names, I only want that the people that follow me, know what I am going through and to get something positive from this."

Chiquis did not mince her words in her rant online and we are proud that she is sticking up for herself and showing that she can continue to grow even with so many haters. The oldest Rivera sibling recorded the video while she was at the DMV celebrating her youngest brother's accomplishment of passing his driver's test. Check out the video below and tell us what you think!

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