A couple who were on their way to a family member’s house was killed in a brutal road accident after being run over by a truck.

The deadly incident occurred on Tuesday, July 20, in the city of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, India.

On Tuesday morning, 50-year-old Ravi Surya Rao and his wife, Satyavati were traveling on their scooter to a family member’s home in Ravada near Bhogapuram in Vizianagaram district when a speeding truck came from behind and collided with their vehicle.

The couple was thrown off the vehicle and to the road due to the impact. The truck wheels went over the duo instantly killing them. Their bodies were reportedly dismembered beyond recognition, according to reports from local media.

Emergency responders rushed to the scene after onlookers alerted the authorities about the fatal crash.

The responding officers gathered the scattered body parts of the couple and transported them to the Bhimili Government Hospital for an autopsy. The results were being awaited.

The couple is survived by two daughters, Radhika and Yamuna, and a son Srinivas. The bodies were handed over to the family members after the autopsy.

The police have registered a case and are investigating the incident. It is unclear whether the truck driver has been taken into custody.

Investigators were inspecting surveillance footage from cameras installed near the crash site to get a better idea of what actually happened.

Surya Rao, a resident of Periki Veedu, near Velampet in the city, was an entrepreneur running a scrap business.

The family members are still in shock due to the untimely and tragic death of the couple, local media reports.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a father and daughter were killed after their motorcycle crashed into a truck that was parked on the roadside. The incident happened in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh on March 30.

The family of four, including a couple and their two daughters, were on National Highway 65 when the father, who was riding the vehicle, reportedly lost control and collided with a truck from behind.

The father and daughter who were at the front died on the spot after the collision, while the mother and the couple's other daughter were rushed to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Car accident A 72 y.o. man dead when his scooter hits the lorry on the crossroad in Kokoszki district of Gdansk. Police investigate on the crash site. NurPhoto/Corbis via Getty Images