Football star Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in a drama during a World Cup match against South Korea on Friday.

On Friday, the Portuguese star appeared to be upset as he was substituted during the team’s loss to South Korea in the 65th minute, reported New York Post. At the time, it appeared that he might have been unhappy at Portugal's manager Fernando Santos.

Later, Ronaldo clarified who his "shut up" gesture was directed at. He told reporters after the game that a South Korean player was telling him to "leave quickly and I told him to shut up because he has no authority" He added that there was no need for controversy, and that it was "the heat of the match. Whatever happens, things always stay on the pitch.”

While he walked off the field, Ronaldo got into a verbal fight with Cho Gue-sung from South Korea. Then Ronaldo put his finger to his lips to shush him. The verbal altercation didn’t become physical, and the Portuguese star was replaced by Andre Silva.

Santos also said that Ronaldo was angry with an opponent who was insulting him, reported MARCA. Santos shared that the player from South Korea was "insulting him telling him to go away, so that is the reason why he was angry.” The manager added that Ronaldo was not aggressive, "he was only verbally aggressive, he was speaking in English to Cristiano, and Cristiano said, ‘Perhaps he had a bad day.'”

South Korean midfielder Hwang In-Beom didn't have much to say about the controversial incident. He said that he didn't see it, and that he was "too tired."

As for the Friday match, Hwang Hee-chan’s 91st minute goal lifted his country South Korea to a 2-1 victory and to the knockout round. Even though South Korea won, Portugal still finished top of Group H.

Santos said that the defeat to South Korea should serve as a "warning" to his team, reported ESPN. The manager said that they were "somewhat upset." He shared that his team is "first in the group, but we wanted to win and have a better game to increase the morale of the players. But this result serves as a warning to our team."

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo. Photo by: AFP/Kirill Kudryavtsev

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