Cristina Saralegui return to TV after 14 years
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MIAMI - Cristina Saralegui made a remarkable comeback to Univision after a 10 year hiatus. The Cuban-American appeared on the morning show "Despierta América" on her 76th birthday. The special occasion was celebrated with balloons and cake, welcoming her back to the network that once was her home.

Despite some physical challenges evident as she made her way onto the set, Saralegui's presence radiated the same vibrancy and charisma that made her a beloved figure in Hispanic media. Her return to Univision wasn't just a nostalgic trip; it was a powerful moment to set the record straight about her life away from the spotlight.

Cristina set things straight

Addressing the rumors head-on, Saralegui shared: "I am a private person; I don't go out much... I've been retired for 14 years, enjoying my life quietly, not causing any trouble."

"I had a great time. They (the DA producers) didn't dig me up from anywhere. I didn't arrive in a wheelchair. I am not an alcoholic, nor am I a drug addict, nor am I broke. Who is to believe that after working so much in my life and owning three television studios, we (she and her husband) am going to be broke? That's just silly," she said.

Cristina Saralegui revitalized

For decades, the Cuban-American presenter's influence extended well beyond her role as a talk show host. Launching "El Show de Cristina" in 1989, she broke barriers in the Hispanic television industry. Her show was not only a platform for entertainment but also a space for critical discussions on social and cultural issues often considered taboo in the Latino community.

Saralegui's fearless approach to sensitive topics, combined with her charismatic personality, made her show a staple in many Spanish-speaking households, running successfully for over two decades.

She was also very open about her battles to maintain her weight and her family struggles, including one of her son's Jon Marcos battles with mental health, which included a suicide attempt. In her book "¡Pa'rriba y pa'lante! Mis secretos para triunfar en tu carrera, tu relación y tu vida" Cristina Saralegui also admitted to having abused alcohol to manage stress.

However, at 76, she is looking revitalized and rejuvenated. Saralegui seemed younger than the last time she was in front of the camera in 2014, when she was promoting her book.

Cristina Saralegui's return to Univision came on the heels of a viral video showing Carlos Villagrán, "Kiko," performing at 80 years old as his famous character in "El Chavo del 8." In both cases, their presence is a reminder of the profound impact of television on the Hispanic community. Their shows were part of the bond that kept Latinos connected to their culture and among each other.

In Saralegui's case, her story is one of triumph, courage, and an enduring commitment to speaking out on issues that matter. As she stepped back into the limelight, even if briefly, she brought with her the legacy of a trailblazer who forever changed the landscape of Hispanic media.

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