An Indian man was allegedly brutally murdered by his distraught former girlfriend barely two days after his wedding to another woman in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India, local authorities said.

The deceased man has been identified as Sonu Patel, a resident of Gurji village under the Sihora Police Station limits in Madhya Pradesh, India. Sonu reportedly got married on May 14 and went missing on May 16, when he left home to get his mobile phone repaired, reported the Times of India.

The killing came to light when fragments of skeletal remains were found in the forests of Hargarh on May 24. The skeleton was reportedly scattered around the wooded area to make it seem the body was feasted on by various wild animals.

A postmortem examination revealed that the body belonged to a man. Sonu’s family was shortly called to identify if the body belonged to the newlywed son. 

While looking into Sonu's sudden disappearance, authorities investigated a woman named Madhu Patel, Sonu’s ex-girlfriend, as a person of interest and suspect.

Sonu’s wife reportedly told police that she had received a call from Madhu on the day her husband disappeared. The police checked the call details on Sonu’s cell phone and found that the last call he answered was also from Madhu's number.

With the mounting evidence, Madhu was taken into custody and interrogated by law enforcement for Sonu’s murder. During the initial questioning, Madhu reportedly confessed to the murder and admitted that she dumped the victim's body in the Hargadh Jungle with the help of her cousin, reported India Today.

Madhu further told the police that she killed Sonu because she was jealous and angry that he married another woman. She claimed that she called Sonu and arranged to meet for the last time at Hargarh forest on May 16; to which he had agreed.

When Sonu reached the forest, Madhu and her cousin proceeded to tie his hands and feet and gag his mouth before bashing him in the head with a boulder, resulting in his death, reported NewsTrack.

Madhu reportedly wanted to marry Sonu but her family had already arranged her hand in marriage with another man. Madhu claimed to police that Sonu had shot an objectionable lewd video of her and was threatening to reveal it to her family members if she did not cancel her wedding.

Both the accused and her accomplice cousin have been arrested, confirmed the police.

Representation Image A man was murdered by his ex-girlfriend barely two days after his wedding in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. This is a representational image. Pixabay