Is This Donald Trump's Heir? Hispanic Man Says He's President's Illegitimate Son

Ernesto Trump
Ernesto Trump says he's the son of Donald Trump. He would like to be legally recognized and spend quality time with the President. Photo: Univision/Primer Impacto

Ernesto Trump, 34, was born in Houston, Texas and is the son of Mexican immigrants, but according to him, his true father is Donald Trump. In an interview for "Primer Impacto" he explained that he legally changed his Spanish surnames Baeza Acosta, to the surname of the president of the United States. "I want President Donald Trump to know me, because I'm his son, I want to see my dad," says Ernesto explaining that he looks like the president and feels that he has the same blood as Trump.

Ernesto says he wants to spend quality time with the guy who he claims to be his father. "I want us to go eat, have a beer, watch a movie," he says. A very convinced Ernesto explains the reasons why he considers that Donald Trump is his true father. "He's crazy like me, we look alike," says the bearded man with tattoos on his face. "I feel like the blood is the same. And one day I dreamed that Donald was my real dad."

Ernesto is married and along with his wife, he has a YouTube channel where they share videos of extreme challenges, which include lasering their skin and eating live scorpions, all in order to increase ratings. However, Ernesto says that his change of last name is not for money. "I want to make it clear that this is not for money or publicity," says the vlogger. "I just want my father to come and meet me."

Ernesto's wife says she does not agree with everything he does, but still supports him unconditionally, and is thinking of changing her surname to Trump, just as his husband -or should we say father-in-law? 

Ernesto Trump says that he does not care about the hate messages he has gotten and that he still will not let his "father" build the border wall. "I will not let my father Donald Trump build the wall because I am Mexican, and I want my race," he says.

As if changing his last name would not have been enough, Ernesto tattooed the face of Donal Trump and accompanied the new ink with a sign that reads "Papi Trump."

Watch the full interview here.

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