The hit anime series "Dragon Ball Super" has been banned in Argentina's capital city Buenos Aires because of Master Roshi.

Following a complaint made with the Department of Public Defense by the Ministry of Women, Gender Policies, and Sexual Diversity in the province of Buenos Aires, Cartoon Network halted the airing of "Dragon Ball Super." One of the events, according to the complaint, involved "sexual abuse."

"We express our concern at the @DefdelPublico for the issuance of a chapter of Dragon Ball Super in which a situation of sexual abuse by an elder towards an adolescent was represented in the framework of a series intended for children," Estella Diaz, minister of women, gender policies and sexual diversity of the province of Buenos Aires, tweeted Tuesday.

Master Roshi inspired Puar to turn into a pretty young lady in the "Dragon Ball Super" episode. Roshi is portrayed as an elderly man with strange sexual conduct toward young women in the series.

He requested Puar's assistance in order to overcome his infirmity. Master Roshi told Puar at the end of the training that he had succeeded in sexualizing women, but only when he was fighting.

Following the complaint, the Buenos Aires Department of Public Defense convened a meeting with the station. Cartoon Network and Warner Media have stopped "Dragon Ball Super" from airing in Argentina, not just in Buenos Aires.

"Warner company stated that it was an error in the selection of the contents that are reviewed, even to avoid inappropriate language, scenes of substance use and situations of violence," Diaz revealed in a follow-up tweet.

"Caring for our childhood is the responsibility of the whole. Dialogue makes it possible to build consensus to respect the rights of all," Diaz noted.

Regardless of Argentina's ban, the show will go on. Recent Highlights, citing unverified sources on Twitter, said the Dragon Ball Super Season 2 anime will premiere in July 2023.

Season 2 is rumored to be still in pre-production, and if this information is correct, the likelihood of the 2023 premiere skyrockets.

Season 1 felt rushed, according to sources, and some of the episodes' animations were substandard. Toei wants to deliver the best script and animation this time, which is why Season 2 of the anime has been postponed.

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