A sports reporter claims she was 'violated' by drunk fans during her post-game television coverage of the Georgia-Clemson game on Saturday, eliciting mixed reactions from social media users.

Lyndsey Gough, a sports reporter for Georgia's WTOC, posted a video to her Twitter account. She repeatedly requests allegedly inebriated fans not to go near her or her equipment.

"Got all kinds of violated during my first live hit by fans," she tweeted.

"After the first guy touched me, I started rolling... this isn't even all of it. So uncomfortable. Can we please respect people's space," she said in another tweet.

According to the clip, several people approached Gough and wanted to touch her. As she positioned with a microphone in the concourse of Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C., others were yelling and allegedly groping her and her equipment.

Toward the end of the video, she moves off to the side, no longer of the camera. She told her production team that she got to move. Gough said she was okay after the incident.

"I was startled and frazzled, but we recovered," she added.

Gough received a mixed response from social media users after releasing the video.

Some believed that she was correct. Others argued that she ought to change careers.

"Touching is out of the question. Period. However, setting up in the middle of 'Their Space' & demanding everyone obey your arbitrary rules is ridiculous," wrote @CleanGreenDeal.

"You cannot just camp in the middle of people & say "follow my rules" even if your media. No one agreed to this," the netizen added.

"I don't think not touching strangers is a made-up rule. I think that's basic manners," Gough replied in a quote tweet.

"Female field reporters like yourself at gameday sites should have another individual with you, besides solely a camera operator, to serve as a buffer/bodyguard from unruly fans or touchy men while you try to just do your job. Sorry that happened but you handled it well," @justajeremy39 wrote.

"I nearly had a panic attack watching this," said @VyronykaVyxyn.

Gough is a seasoned sports writer, according to her bio on the WTOC website. She recently covered university athletics in Kentucky before joining the Savannah, Georgia-based station.

Gough has covered many NCAA Tournament berths, bowl games, state championships, a Heisman Trophy winner, two Kentucky Derbys, and more in addition to regular-season games.

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